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What do wolves usually eat?

How do wolves communicate?

Does the plan to reintroduce gray wolves in sound like a good idea to you? Why or why not?

Colorado Voters Choose to Reintroduce Gray Wolves


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The animals shown here are gray wolves. Some gray wolves are gray like the one in this picture. Gray wolves can also be white, brown, or black.

Wolves are canids, just like dogs, coyotes, and foxes.


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It is true that they must hunt and kill other animals so they can eat. An animal that eats meat is called a carnivore. But wolves almost never attack humans. They usually eat small rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels.


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When they hunt larger animals, they usually go after the old, the young, and the sick. Scientists say this is important because it helps to keep these animal groups stronger and healthier.


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Wolves are very intelligent. They live in close family groups called packs. There are wolf packs all over the world. Every pack member helps raise wolf pups like the ones here. In this photo, you can see a pack of wolves surrounding a bison.


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Wolves communicate in the way they stand and hold their tails. This is called body language. They also have a kind of “language” with their barks and howls. These can mean many different things.

Gray wolves used to live all across North America, including in Colorado. Sadly, by 1945, the wolf population in Colorado had been completely wiped out by hunters and farmers.


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But in early November, voters in Colorado approved a new plan to bring wolves back to the state. Animal experts praised the decision, but many farmers and hunters in the state voted against the plan. They believe wolves will kill their livestock, farm animals like pigs and cows, and put their businesses at risk.


©2002, Don Johnston

Even though wolves are still endangered, the Trump administration recently made it legal for people to hunt and kill wolves without facing penalties.

Animal experts believe the new plan in Colorado will help wolves thrive in the wild.


Danial Mott ,Creative Commons 2.0

Text adapted with permission from NewsCurrents (©2020, Knowledge Unlimited, Inc. All rights reserved)

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