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How often to Americans vote on a President?

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In 2016, what percentage of people decided not to vote?

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Who do you think is going to be the next President of the United States of America?

Voting for a President

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Every four years, citizens of the United States get to decide who their next president will be.

On November 3rd, millions of Americans will vote in an election for the next president. Some people believe that choosing a president is the most important decision Americans make as citizens. Americans will also vote on many other important positions.


In 2016, more than 138 million people voted in the presidential election. About 58.5 percent of eligible voters cast ballots. That means that 41.5 percent of eligible voters choose not to vote.


The next president of the United States will almost certainly be one of the two men shown here.


President Trump feels he has done an excellent job over the last 3.5 years, remaking the country according to Republican Party principles.

Joe Biden says that the U.S. has been on the wrong track during that time, and that he will do a better job of representing the interests of the American people.


Who do you think is going to be the next President of the United States of America?


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