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Teacher Center

Welcome to a teaching experience where Specially Designed Instruction, Universal Design for Learning and Assistive Technology come together.  Engaging informational text provides reading opportunities to build background knowledge.  Repeated opportunities provide repetition with variety to practice skills such as gathering evidence and making inferences.

Specially Designed Instruction



Lessons include:

Evidence-based pedagogy

Alignment & Sample Goals

  • IEP goals

  • ELA standards

Assistive Technology 

Universal Design for Learning

Engaging Reading

Image Supported Text

Short reads

  • Repeated practice

  • Build background knowledge

Considerate Text​

Designed to teach inference & gathering evidence


Assistive Technology

Students Practice using AT

Teachers integrate into lessons

  • Text-to-Speech

  • Dynamic Text Leveling

  • Note-taking/Study strategies

  • Speech Recognition

  • Word Prediction with Topic Dictionaries



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